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Welcome to Porto Building & Remodeling LLC

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We specialize in window and door replacement 
We can add windows to wall that have none, remove small windows and install bigger ones, or install energy efficient replacement windows to save on your heating and cooling expenses. We do it all: structural framing, drywall and siding repair, insulation (with foam and fiberglass, as recommended by many window manufacturers), interior and exterior trim work. When we are finished, your new window or door looks like it was always there! 
Above, this is an Andersen window unit installed this fall. Note in the right handcorner of the opening you can see the window tape used to protect the structure from leaks.


 The finished window

There was a 3' wide door here originally. We changed the header to accommodate this 6' Thurma Tru door unit. We had to remove most of the siding from the front of the house and re-install it after. On the home page you can see the finished product. 

We will install windows and doors from a variety of manufacturers. We can provide the the windows and doors or install ones provided by the customer.
An existing door with  custom made recessed panels and pediment head. All made on site, from Azek and PVC mouldings.
Azek Trim

Azek is a PVC product that comes in 1x and 5/4 sizes and is used as exterior trim. There are also various PVC moldings available. It primarily comes in white and does not require painting.

The advantages of Azek over wood are it will not rot, bugs don't eat it or bore into it, and with lighter shades of 100% acrylic paint, the paint job will last significantly longer than it would on pine or cedar.

For more on this product, visit



This home in Killingworth had no exterior trim on the back of the house. The clapboard siding butted right up to the windows and doors. We cut it back with a router and installed window wrap to keep heat in and drafts out, & 5/4 x 4" Azek trim around the windows and doors, and a 5/4 x 10" frieze board on the patio.



This new front door has a PVC trim kit purchased through a lumber yard.